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1982 Sorbische Volksbräuche 35ddr: Ostereiermalen

1982 Sorbische Volksbräuche 35ddr: Ostereiermalen

Translation of name: Sorbian folk customs: Easter egg painting

Translation of text on stamp:

Top: DDR 35

Left (from bottom to top): Sorbian folk customs

Right (from top to bottom): Ostereiermalen

Bottom: (in Upper Sorbian): in need of translation

Folk customs, traditions, legends and myths abound in Sorbian culture. Easter egg painting is a tradition in most Slavic cultures. For the Sorbs, there are at least 3 distinct methods used in painting easter eggs. Highly treasured as familial works of art, innumerable examples are in existence today.

***If you would like to submit a photo of the best Sorbian painted Easter egg you have ever seen, please do so for select inclusion on this topic as well as other customs in the future. Make sure to include information on who painted it, when, and any significance it may hold for you.***

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