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Stamps and the Sorbian People

Just like the rest of the world, stamps have influenced even the Sorbian people of Germany. Near as I can tell after the fall of Nazism post WWII, the DDR (GDR) began supporting the culture of the Sorbs (Wends). Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, there have been more stamps made concerning the Sorbs, though as time has passed and the merger of the East and West Germany has become more and more complete stamps are reflective of Germany as a whole instead of focusing on cultural groups. This page is a tribute to those stamps. At this time it is not comprehensive of all stamps pertaining to the Sorbs/Wends as there are a great many of them and researching and acquiring them is a lengthy process. Please send us an e-mail on any that you know of that are not represented here as well as any details concerning them or those appearing on the following pages.


Please note there are variations of products that were offered for sale to the public. Click on any of the groupings to take you to a page dedicated to that set and further to each stamp in the set



1946 Cottbus city set


150th Birthday of J.A. SchmolerHouse of Sorbs in Bautzen


Sorbische Tanztracht aus Hoyerswerda 1968 10 DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Schleife 1968 20DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Crostwitz 1968 40DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Spreewald 1968 500DDR


Folkart from LusatiaFolkart from LusatiaFolkart from Lusatia


Pioniertreffen, Cottbus


Sorbische Tanztracht 1971 10 DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Hoyerswerda 1971 20DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Cottbus 1971 25DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Kamenz 1971 40DDR

Sorbische Tanztracht aus Schleife im kleineren format 1971 10DDRSorbische Tanztracht aus Hoyerswerda im kleineren format 1971 20DDR


Sorbische historische Trachten Senftenberg 1977 10DDRSorbische historische Trachten Bautzen 1977 20DDRSorbische historiche Trachten Klitten 1977 25DDRSorbische historische Trachten Nochten 1977 35DDRSorbische historische Trachten Muskau 1977 70DDR



Sorbische Volksbräuche Vogelhochzeit 1982 10DDRSorbische Volksbräuche Zampern 1982 20DDRSorbische Volksbräuche Waleien 1982 25DDR
Sorbische Volksbräuche Ostereiermalen 1982 35DDRSorbische Volksbräuche Johannisreiter 1982 40DDRSorbische Volksbräuche Bescherkind 1982 50DDR


Tag der Briefmarke 1991 100Pf

Sorbische Sagen Geiger und Wasserman 1991 60PfSorbische Sagen Mittagsfrau und Nochtenerin 1991 100Pf