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Well, to†get to work on a major reason to start this website, please check out these websites dealing with various groups and museums of Wendish interest. If you know of others that are not here, please†contact us. Enjoy!

Please note that on some (not all) websites you will be able to find a flag near the top of the page that you can click to change the language displayed (German, British and Sorbian flags are most commonly available).

We are working with some websites to translate their webpages, make sure you let them and us know you would like to read their website in your language if it's not available!

General Wendish Information

Periodicals of Wendish Interest

  • A Model Minority(.pdf download for Insight: Sorbs and other European Minorities, Academia, 2011)


At this time we are unaware of links to this region.



Germany: Upper Lusatia

Germany: Lower Lusatia

Germany: Middle Lusatia (Hoyerswerda to Schleife region)


Where's my link?

If you know of a website dedicated to the Wendish/Sorbian culture and do not see it here, by all means let us know!

Of note it should be foretold we will not link to any extremist websites or any that have undesireable information or views displayed (as determined by this websites administrator).