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If you use Facebook there are a multitude of Wendish groups, please consider joining 'Wendish / Sorbische of the World'

Our Goals

Preserve and present knowledge about each of the major sites of Wendish Culture. Known sites are: Upper, Middle and Lowe Lusatia, South Africa, Australia, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Berk County, Pennsylvania and Canada

Provide information on traditions, holidays and events as well as pertinent information on areas of focus.

  In the (hopefully one day) future, we plan to translate this website into both the German as well as Sorbian languages. This can and will be a big hurdle until we get volunteers to help us with this (so if you can help, even one time, please contact us!)

  Another project is to get the websites from the Wendish/Sorbian museums and libraries to be translated for readers in all three languages to enjoy, if needed we'll host the translated pages right here (with permission from the granting owners).

  Also, why not present information in a fun way? The ships that carried the Wends to the far off locations will hopefully be represented in a new "Wendish Fleet" way in the future after much data collection!