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Wends in the U.S.A.

About 10 years ago I would never have imagined making a website with a page entitled "Wends in the U.S.A." it would have been "Texas Wends" or similar as it has generally been known amongst some of the Wends in Texas that we were the only ones! Exciting is how things have been since finding out about the Iowa Wends and now efforts are being made to locate Nebraska Wends and now also the Berk County, Pennsylvania Wends! The Iowa and Texas groups have sufficient information already to warrant their own pages, enjoy!

As you think about why the Wends would go to so many different places throughout the world, please consider the mid 1800's U.S. as a new land filled with opportunity, freedom of religion and lots of land they were just giving away (until a certain time anyway). The risks of leaving their homes to trade in for the benefits of a future in these lands was worth the effort for them and those that perished along the way.


- Iowa

- Nebraska

- Pennsylvania

- Texas