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August 1st, 2019

If you have not been a member of our facebook group 'Wendish / Sorbische of the World', you have been missing out on massive amounts of information and media since it began in 2009. A recent update has allowed me to categorize the posts so now you can easily find information on any of the topics created there! Enough about that though, it's time to get back to work here!

August 5th, 2013

It's been a long time coming but such an integral piece of Wendish/Sorbian culture is finally going to have an appearance on this website. The legends of the Wends/Sorbs are being worked on to make their appearance for you in the English world. Are you ready?

May 14th, 2012

A little easier navigation from the home page has been implemented. Hover over the "What else?" and "Multimedia" links for a drop-down list to choose from. Hope to implement throughout the site by tonight.

May 13th, update 2

Check out the new video on Wendish Legends on theMultimedia page or view directly on YouTube. Many thanks to the Lower Sorbian High School in Cottbus for all their hard work and dedication!

May 13th, 2012

Updated Links page with Schleife links, adding more stamps.

May 1st 2012

Back online and getting the kinks worked out of the pages. Happy Labor Day Germany!


Welcome to the Worldwide Wendish Connection. Our mission is to connect the Wendish (Sorbian) people and their descendents around the globe through a variety of methods not least of which is basic information. As you look through the site, please consider posting a comment on our guestbook or join in with questions and add information to our message board. As has been experienced by this website's founder, information on and about the Wends/Sorbs is not easily come by. Make sure we're on track by staying tuned and letting us know your thoughts and ideas anytime through e-mail. Thanks for coming!

What is 'Wendish'?

We are so glad you asked! In short, it is a specific diverse cultural people of Slavic descent without a country of their own. In the sense this website is relating to, Wends or the Wendish people are a Slavic population geographically located in what is known as Lusatia, an area between the Elbe and Oder rivers of present-day Germany. The term 'Wendish' although generally having been replaced, with 'Sorbs' and 'Sorbian' in modern society, is still acceptable for use when speaking of/with Lower Sorbians.

I would be remiss not to point out the change in terminology did not occur until after the 19th century and thus, the majority of descendants that emigrated from the Sorbian areas in the 1800s were unaware of the change and have continue to use 'Wendish'. Throughout this site, this variance in name will be used to the fullest extent so when you see 'Sorbs' and 'Sorbian(s)' you will know we are referring to those in Lusatia and when you see 'Wends' and 'Wendish' we will be referring to the people in either a historical sense prior to the change or to one/all of the various groups of descendants outside of Sorbian speaking areas.

So if you are wondering why the website is named 'Wendish' it is to enable the staff to encompass the entirety of the Sorbian people with their past as well as the descendants outside of Lusatia.


Most cultures can tout some really great things such as a language, fashion and food, how many can compare to the Wends though:

* Two separate languages with at least two dialects

* Four diverse and active traditional/ceremonial dress styles

Please keep in mind the above are carried on and supported by a population of less than 150,000 (this is a generous number to reflect even the non-Sorbian speaking descendants/populations)

What We Do

It is our intention to promote the Wendish/Sorbian culture to its people and their descendents across the globe. If you are interested, please let your family and friends know about this site.

If you would like to help out,send an e-mail or use our Contact Us page to let us know about anything, including joining our crew here on the website.

Our intentions are to bring knowledge to you through directing you to the known websites of Wendish interest, helping to get them translated and thereby helping you become more aware of what being Wendish has been and continues to be about.

If you have any suggestions, don't ever hesitate to let us know. We'll work with you to bring great information to the Wendish community to include (but not limited to):

  • Touring sites of Wendish interest
  • Translating pages into Sorbian, German and English
  • Bringing Wendish products to light